Anxiety for Tweens: An interview with Caris Snider

I am so proud of my friend Caris Snider.  She has already been a guest on Coming Alive Conversations before talking about her amazing book Anxiety Elephants for adults.

Now she has written an incredible resource for tween boys and girls and I am so excited for you to get it in your hands.

If you are a parent of a tween or know someone that is, this is an incredible tool.

I have loved watching my tween-aged niece work through the devotional.

Enjoy the conversation and wisdom and resources here provided by my friend Caris.


Click here to listen via e-mail.  

Show Notes:

Jenn is welcoming Caris Snider back to the show.  Caris is a Christian communicator who shares the hope of God through writing, speaking, and leading worship. Her desire is to help women everywhere of all ages with their faith and mental health journey.  Today they discuss:

  1. Overcoming our own fears and uncertainties
  2. Helping our kids deal with anxiety
  3. How to manage your anxiety from day to day


Caris’ first visit to the show, February 2020, Anxiety Elephants: An Interview with Caris Snyder

Caris’ book, Anxiety Elephants

New devotional books:

Anxiety Elephants for Tween Girls

Anxiety Elephants for Tween Boys


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