Jennifer Hand: Nice to meet you!

Nice to meet you!

Hi! I’m Jenn Hand, author, speaker, podcast host, and Executive Director of Coming Alive Ministries. I love to take you on my crazy adventures—inviting you to laugh with me and experience the love of Jesus as you do!

Get to know Jenn!

Jennifer Hand (“Jenn” to her friends and family) is a strong-coffee-drinking lover of Jesus. She has a zest for life and loves to go on adventure with Jesus around the world—often getting lost somewhere along the way.

She has lost her skirt at an airport in Turkey when it got stuck on the moving sidewalk, accidentally caught a stage on fire while speaking and burned down a village’s only outhouse. So you know it’s an adventure when she is around.

Her love of speaking and teaching the Word of God began when she got her first Precious Moments Bible at the age of eight years old when Jenn accepted Christ’s invitation to life. She used to have her friends gather on the playground and come to her Bible club.

Jenn is an identical twin, and one of her favorite things is spoiling her nieces and nephews rotten. She loves to laugh until she cries and believes the joy of the Lord is her strength.  

Jennifer Hand: Get to know Jenn!

Jenn would love to connect with you and your group, inviting you to come alive with her.

Worth Noting…

I love to chat on podcasts about living fully as you live with your yes on the table before God. If you have a podcast, I would love to see how I can serve your audience.

Here are some interviews for you to enjoy:

Jenn’s Official Bio

Jennifer Hand: Official Bio

Jenn founded Coming Alive Ministries in 2012 and loves the honor of traveling nationally and internationally, providing the invitation to come alive in Christ through conferences, retreats, written resources and counseling.

Jenn has had the joy of serving in over 54 countries and speaking at around 40 events a year. With her Master’s degree in trauma counseling, God has opened a unique door for Jenn to respond after natural disasters around the world, providing trauma counseling and the hope of Christ on the holy ground of suffering.

Jenn is the author of 5 books, with the most recent published by Moody Publishers—My Yes is on the Table.

My favorite thing is to encourage my email community in your walk with Jesus with some short Bible encouragement, some laughter, and updates on what God is doing around the world. You can subscribe here (I promise not to spam your inbox!).

My Yes is on the Table Podcast

Christian author and speaker Jennifer Hand loves nothing more than a good strong cup of coffee and a conversation where you discuss what it means in your life to live with your yes on the table. Jenn will chat with incredible Christian communicators about their message and how that message has come from living with their yes on the table.

Each of us has fear that stops us, and we will dive into those fear stops and how we move into faith steps.

You will laugh and maybe cry as we dive into living the adventure of yes! Join the conversation on “My Yes is on the Table Podcast”!