Sexless in the City: An Interview with Kat Harris



You guys are going to love my new friend Kat Harris.  Author of Sexless In the City   and podcaster at  The Refined Collective.

Kat has tackled some very difficult subjects with vulnerability and humor and a strong Biblical foundation all in one.

I want you to pretend you are having a cup of coffee and listening to a single share her journey of what does the Bible really has to say about sex for the single woman?

What is it like to be a 30 something single woman living in New York City?

If you are married or single this conversation and this book have something for you.

Do you ever struggle with doubt?  We talk about that here as well.

Kat encourages us to be brave and really lean in and ask the hard questions to God.

I cannot wait for you to hear this interview.

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