Love Centered Parenting: An Interview with Crystal Paine

I am not going to lie I was having to pretend that I was not fangirling to talk with Crystal Paine.  I love following her on the Instagram and, to be honest I loved reading her book Love Centered Parenting even though I am not a parent.  

Here is what I love.  Parent or not parent the truths we talked about in this interview are so freeing.

It all goes back to living loved.  Knowing you are loved by God and letting that truly change everything.  Being transformed from the inside out.

I am not a parent but I have observed my mama friends have to struggle with not worrying what others think about their parenting– because everyone seems to think they have an opinion.

I have seen mama friends worry how their children’s actions reflect on their ability as a mother.

I cannot imagine the pressure.

Even if you are not a parent though– we all struggle with pressures.  (or at least I do) 

Crystal shares all about how the love of God and living loved by God– transforming our mind by knowing scripture and living it out– changes everything.

You will love the grace and freedom that comes from this.  I loved this quote in the interview and have not stopped thinking about it.

I don’t have to micromanage my reputation, I can just trust God.

In parenting, in ministry, in life- that is FREEDOM friends.

I cannot wait for you to hear this interview.

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Show Notes:

Jenn is so happy to welcome Crystal Paine to Coming Alive Conversations today.


She is the founder of and the author of several books.


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Love Centered Mom by Crystal Paine

Money Making Mom by Crystal Paine


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