Love Your Neighbor: An Interview with Chris and Elizabeth McKinney


This is a term that I loved learning more about and talking with Chris and Elizabeth McKinney about.

How do we love our neighbors well?

I don’t know about you but it can be easy to be so busy that I can forget my neighbors.  I can want to just go inside and miss talking to the neighbor as we take out the trash. (and I live in a quadreplex and we all share the same outdoor trashcans)

In a world where we spent a year in our houses probably more than ever, I think we need these reminders more than ever.

I loved learning practical fun easy ways to love my neighbor from Chris and Elizabeth and their book Placed for a Purpose:  A Simple and Sustainable Vision For Loving Your Next Door Neighbors.

Elizabeth reminds us that there is never “just”.  Just a smile could be a huge difference-maker in someone’s life.

Just pausing for a conversation could be just what the lonely neighbor needs.

Just offering to make a casserole for the new mom or the exhausted family.

There is so much that we can learn about loving our neighbor.

I love that Chris and Elizabeth first started with a fish fry.

I knew I would love Elizabeth when she said she loved a good party.  As you can imagine– so do I!

Her husband is more an introvert.

They share great practical ideas for both types of personalities to love their neighbor.

Let’s learn to be more neighborly together.

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Placed for a Purpose by Elizabeth and Chris McKinney

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