The Living Table: An Interview with Abby Turner

Abby Turner is a delight.  Her new book  The Living Table is so much more than just a cookbook.  It leads us to Jesus and the table and bringing the community to the table.

It can be easy to make excuses.  To be too busy.  To say I cannot cook.  To say I will not do it right.

But Abby reminds us all you need is a table.

You don’t need a perfect house, or even a big house (she shares all about hosting from her one-bedroom apartment).  You just need to build community.  To invite people in.

I had never noticed in the Bible that after the instructions were given for the building of the ark of the covenant, the next instructions given were to build a table.  God wanted to invite us to have a seat with Him at His table.

The table should not just be a flat object but a living active place to bring people to

I love how this cookbook is for all of us– even those that cannot cook at all.

Frozen appetizer tray anyone?

Abby reminds us we don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen to bring people to our table.

Jesus calls us to have community.

It’s all about connection, it’snot about perfection in your meal or in your home– it is about the poeple.  Get to the people.

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Jenn is welcoming Abby Turner to the show today.


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