Voices of Wisdom: An Interview with Kennita Williams

I love this dear woman Kennita.  Today I cannot wait for you to meet her in this Coming Alive Conversations Interview.  We talk about everything from racism to life coaching and the one time she accidentally called 911 when we were on a Facebook live interview together! (why does this not surprise anyone that shenanigans happen when I am involved)

I met Kennita at the Speak Up Conference and immediately knew I was with a woman of wisdom.

That’s why I love her contribution to the book She Writes for Him: Black Voices of Wisdom.  Her experience of racism in this chapter literally made me weep.  It reminded me that we need to lean in and listen to the experiences of others.  To listen well is to love well.

I love what Kennita shared in our interview.

It’s not a social thing.  Racism is a sinful thing. If we are new creations in Christ Jesus the old has passed away.  We have a new Father.  We are new. Brothers and sisters in Christ, alike more than different.

If we were all the same it would not be the same, so love your neighbor.  It starts with us.

Kennita transitions in the interview from reminding us what it means to love our neighbor to talking about walking in our life’s purpose.

At the end of the day, have you asked God the plans He has for you?

Kennita reminds us to start there.  And then be still and listen for the answer.  Stripping away the titles that we define ourselves by and ask who He wants us to be.


Be still and know He is God. Let Him establish your ways.

I cannot wait for you to hear this interview.

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Show Notes:

Jenn is welcoming Kennita Williams to the show today!


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