Praying the Scriptures: An Interview with Jodie Berndt

Meet my new friend Jodie Berdnt.  Look at her smile.  I smiled the entire time I was interacting with her new book on prayer Praying the Scripture for your Life : 31 days of Abiding in the Presence, Provision and Power of God.  

I love how she reminded me in the book and in the interview of the power that comes with interacting with God through praying scripture.

As we read verses to stop and pray:  Wow! Would you do that in my life? In my family? In my dear friend?

We talked about the word ABIDE.  How it can sound passive and boring– but in fact it is very exciting.  To abide in Christ, connected to Christ brings the power of Christ.

“When you think that God wants to be with us.  His word is designed to invoke an answer, a response in us.  That almighty God would want that– that is exciting!”

When we call on God through our prayer and praise, our lives become places where He can perform.  I love this quote by Jodie.

I imagine you have seen God showcase His splendor as you pray and watch Him display His glory in your story.

Jodies points out that He uses us like a trophy case to display His works.

I cannot wait for you to learn more about the power of prayer through this interview and through the pages of this interactive prayer book.


Show Notes:

Jenn is welcoming Jodi Berndt to the show today.

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