You can be Mended Even if your relationship isn’t flawless

Mended_author_headshotI feel like there is some sort of exciting theme music that I need to go with these posts.  It’s Monday and I get to introduce you to my friends.  And I LOVE it.

(Inserting parenthetical note:  There is fun theme music on the coming alive ministries podcast so I guess there is theme music!)

Today I get to introduce you to my friends Blythe Daniel and Dr. Helen Mcintosh.

Here is the thing.  There are those people that when you talk you feel like you need to lean in and listen to when they talk and these ladies– they do that for me.

Even while doing the podcast interview over the computer I was leaning in closer and closer because I wanted to hear EVERYTHING.

They have written an incredible book to speak life into the relationships of mothers and daughters.

Here is the deal.  Whether you have a wonderful relationship with your mother or daughter or are longing for restoration– or are somewhere in between, you will be encouraged by this conversation and book.

Because it’s not just about that relationship– there is deep wisdom and truth about how we can experience restoration in any relationship.


Isn’t that some wonderful truth. There isn’t room for codependence in a relationship where two individuals are dependent on God, not each other, to fill them up.

Goodness don’t we sometimes find ourselves looking for others to fill us up.

Or is that just me.

I cannot wait for you to lean in and hear from this powerful mother-daughter duo.

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Show Notes:

We are excited to welcome mother/daughter team Blythe Daniel & Helen MacIntosh to the show today.  Their book, Mended:Restoring the Hearts of Mothers and Daughters, is available wherever you buy books.


What’s making Helen and Blythe come alive?

Isaiah 58:12 and worship music

Recognizing that my role is to live out the life of Christ.


Check out for free downloads and the 7 conversation starters.

Thank you for joining us today, friends.

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