A Trauma-Less Holiday Bundle (SALE!!)


Welcome to a fun journey (because I like to make things fun!) with the journaling guide a Trauma-Less Holiday.

I designed this for you if you are trying to navigate the holidays with peace and joy even as you struggle to deal with great Aunt Betty and her every-year jello mold, your overwhelm at the Christmas sweater party, and your desire to sit and watch Hallmark all day long.

🌟 MERRY Living Framework: Our guide follows the MERRY acrostic – Manage expectations, Embrace emotions, Recognize triggers, Relaxation techniques, and Yes/No boundaries. Each section provides practical strategies to help you put the Merry back in Christmas.

🤔 Realistic Expectations: Discover how to set and manage realistic expectations during the holiday rush. This section helps you find joy in the small moments, reducing the pressure often associated with the season.

😌 Emotional Wellness Insights: Explore the spectrum of emotions the holidays can stir. Embrace the understanding that it’s okay not to be okay and learn how to navigate your emotions.

🔍 Trigger Recognition and Response: Identify and address potential triggers from past trauma or present anxiety.

🧘 Relaxation Techniques: Unwind with practical relaxation methods, from deep breathing exercises to developing a holiday self-care and soul care plan.

🚦 Personalized Yes/No Boundaries: Craft your holiday boundaries with confidence. Determine what you’ll say ‘yes’ to for self-care and where to draw the line to avoid unnecessary stressors.

👩‍🏫 Expert Guidance: Benefit from the insights of seasoned professionals in trauma-informed care, ensuring that you receive the latest evidence-based practices for healing through the holidays.

This guide is not just a purchase; it’s an investment in your well-being. Join us in creating a holiday season filled with MERRY moments – where you manage expectations, embrace emotions, recognize triggers, relax, and set empowering boundaries.

Let’s have the best holidays ever– I’ll bring the sausage balls.

Enroll now and make your Christmas truly MERRY!

🎁 Bonus: 4 Accompanying short videos taught by me PLUS 4 all-level yoga sessions taught by me as well, and a PDF downloadable 25-day advent devotional My Christmas yes!

Note: This is a digital product available for immediate download upon purchase.



Have you ever felt unsafe physically?  Emotionally?  Relationally? Spiritually?

Did you know your brain processes feeling unsafe as trauma?

After trauma, are you struggling to find hope and peace?

Do you find yourself asking the question will I ever feel normal again?

I invite you to join me in finding baby steps of hope using this trauma guide.

I am a trauma-trained counselor, have traveled the world to offer trauma debriefing after natural disasters and war, and have experienced trauma myself.

I have stood with people as they lost everything after the earth shook from an earthquake, reducing their lives to rubble.

You may not have been in an actual earthquake, but your circumstances caused your heart and life to shake.

I want to stand beside you and give you hope to unbury the rubble and find a new normal to rebuild.

After trauma hope.

Included in this trauma guide is:

  • 4 video sessions taught by me.  (They are short because I recognize if you have experienced trauma you are probably tired).  We will dive into what trauma is, what it does, and tips and tricks to begin baby steps to healing your brain and body.
  • audio podcast interviews with practicing therapists providing steps to healing
  • a beautiful PDF guide to complete the course


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Who doesn’t love a good SALE. This bundle contains the full-color PDF journaling guide from the After Trauma Hope Course, 4 accompanying videos, two interviews with therapists, PLUS the full-color PDF Trauma-less Holiday Guide with four accompanying videos and a bonus of 4 all-level yoga videos led by Jenn, and PDF Advent Devotional My Christmas Yes.

Only available through Cyber Monday.


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