You are Loved and Whole: An Interview with Brooke Boda

I brought my dear friend Brooke Boda back to the podcast because 1) I love her 2) you guys loved her when she was on and taught us about prayer.


I picked today, Valentines day to have Brooke on because she does such a great job reminding us that we are LOVED and whole because we are loved by the God who loved us so much He was broken for us.

Brooke shares about patience, vulnerability and what it means to love well and be loved.

She also shares her personal struggle with anxiety and what God has taught her in the midst of that battle.

I cannot wait for you to hear from my small group Bible teacher Brooke.

Ps:  We laugh so much and I think you will as well.

Click here to listen if via e-mail.  

Show Notes:

Today, Jenn welcomes Brooke Boda back to the show.  Brooke and Jenn are real-life friends who share a small group together.  Brooke is a Bible teacher, skin-care specialist, and single mom to a teenager.  Jenn and Brooke discuss how to find fulfillment as a single person, how to develop meaningful relationships, and Brooke shares her own personal journey in dealing with anxiety.


A Woman Washes Jesus’ Feet, Luke 7:36-50

Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, Matthew 26:36-46

Jesus’ Prayer on the Cross, Luke 23:34

Paul’s appeal to the Corinthians, 1 Corinthians 6:11



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