Revived and Renovated: An interview with Paige Rien

It’s not very often I get to interview someone who starred on HGTV.  And let me tell you Paige Rien was DELIGHTFUL.  Like I wish we were neighbors we would have so much fun together delightful.

Our chat was all about renovations.  Paige used to be the host of HGTV’s show Hidden Potential.  I love this because it is exactly what she talks about in her relationship with the Lord.

How God unearthed her hidden potential when she came to know Him.

I had never though about home renovation/furniture renovation/restoration as such a parallel to what God does with our hearts until talking with Paige and reading her book.

I am so grateful that God does renovate our hearts, aren’t you?

He refurbished us.

He renews us.

He restores us.

What a gift we have as God uncovers our hidden potential.

I cannot wait for you to hear this interview with Paige.

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Show Notes:

Paige is an author and former TV star who has a story of delivery from addiction- such a God story. She not only shares her story today- but she gives us great advice for updating and making our homes exactly what we want them to be.


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Paige’s book: Revived and Renovated

Joel 2:25

2 Corinthians 5:17


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